MLM List Creator and MLM Memory Jogger App (now With ROMAR!)

The ultimate MLM List Creator and MLM Memory Jogger tool that EVERY new Network Marketer should have, and EVERY experienced networker should use to pre-qualify new members AND hold your team leaders accountable!

As an Upline, MLM List Creator and Memory Jogger it is the PERFECT tool to have your newly enrolled folks show they are coachable. Teach them to grab the MLM List Creator and Memory Jogger App, enter your email as the upline, and MLM Contact List Creator will report to you on their progress!! You can then work with those doing their homework vs. waste your time on those who have excuse after excuse! Time Efficiency!

They can also fill in their MLM Daily ROMAR (Record of my Activity Report) by simply clicking a button each time they do a three way call, or reach out to someone on linked in, or add a facebook friend, or call to book an appointment.  The app will dutifully email them AND YOU if they choose a daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/annuall update on how much they are doing in CONCRETE activities towards building their business.  PRICELESS for them to see AND for YOU as the leader to see to know who to spend your time working with!

As a person new to an MLM Company, MLM List Creator and MLM Memory Jogger with ROMAR helps you create your MLM contact list for the warm market. Of course you may not ever call most of the people on the list, but this app will help you find those WORTH a call or approach, AND have you work closely with your upline in order to ensure success! It even will chastise you if you don't take it serious, AND praise you when you do. Helps you create your MLM contact list, Rank your MLM contact list, and come up with your top 30 MLM prospects to contact and how with the help of your Upline and support team.

Learn more about the theory of the MLM Warm Market Contact List and why it just may still be relevant in today's Social Media world on our MLM Training on the MLM Warm Contact List.

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This MLM List Creator application is fantastic. I use it as my test to see if a new member is truly going to be coachable and if they are worth my time. If they buy it an use it and get me a top 30 list, I know I need to clear the decks to help them. Fantastic productivity tool, saves me an hour or more of training per new member!!

Craig P.